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How is Your Life Going?  

Are you going through a painful divorce?
Are you feeling stymied or stuck?
Does your self-esteem need a reboot?
Are you in a difficult relationship?
Are you living from your heart?
Are you trying to figure out what to do with the
rest of your life?

I and my
online courses can help!
   Although I work with all emotional issues, my specialties

  •  Providing emotional support for women over 50 going through a divorce
  •  Helping women get past the stuck place  in their lives

Is your divorce triggering and bringing up old feelings
of not being good enough?
If so, I invite you take advantage of my
free mini course:

Not Good Enough:
How to Reverse This Negative Belief and Feel Better About
Yourself, both During and After Your Divorce

It is simple, can be completed in a short time, and makes an
immediate difference.
You can get
quick access to it right here.
Divorce gavel and decree
stuck on the road of life
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