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About Me - Judith Albright


My passion is helping others reduce emotional stress and build confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

For more than 16 years I have had a stress management practice in Ft. Collins, CO. During those years I have helped countless people get their lives back on track and have repeatedly seen that the secret to success (for anything) lies in the power of the mind. Permanent changes cannot be made by the conscious mind alone. Lasting changes must begin internally at the subconscious level.

Both a teacher and lifelong learner, my formal education includes a BFA from the University of Denver, and an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. My work experience includes teaching  at community colleges and vocational schools in the Denver area, and a long career in Corporate America.


It was my desire for a career change that led me to pursue advanced training for the energy healing techniques I use today that include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) PSYCH-K, and The Emotion Code. The focus of my work now is to work with at-risk youth and others to help them overcome limitations and create a more promising life for themselves.

My Books & Publications

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There are few people who can honestly say they love everything about their life and wouldn't change a thing. For the rest of us there is always something we strive for, want to resolve, get beyond, or do differently. However, accomplishing this is not necessarily a simple or easy process. It requires motivation, patience, perseverance and dedication. It also requires expanded thinking and a plan that will ultimately lead in a different direction toward something new. The questions that inevitably arise are what should that direction be and how do I get there?



Who couldn't use less stress and a little more vibrancy and joie de vivre in their life? In our often too busy lives it is easy to settle for less than we want and become bogged down in the mundane routines and stresses of daily living. We get into a rut, and without a little effort to change things, we stay in it. The problem with living in a rut is that eventually it can rob us of motivation and keep us stuck in a boring and colorless life. 



The loss of a marriage or established relationship is a painful experience that changes your identity and rocks the very foundation of your life. Whether you or your spouse is the one wanting out, getting through and beyond a divorce is not easy. It may well be one of the most challenging and difficult situations you ever have to cope with in your life. Facing the uncertainty of life without a spouse or partner may require you to fall back and call on strengths you may not know you have. It takes courage to forge on without knowing what lies ahead, but if you can reach a point where you can accept what happened and be at peace with it, you are sure to transcend the experience and be far wiser as the result of it.


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