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Is the Baggage You've Been Carrying Around    
Most of Your Life Getting a Little Heavy?
   Haven't you already carried it long enough?    
Judith Albright, MA
EFT Practitioner
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Every person, all the events
of your life are there because
you have drawn them there.
What you choose to do with
them is up to you.”
 ~ Richard Bach
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Heavy burden

Just like suitcases that get scuffed and battered with use, our lives start showing
wear and tear as we are tossed about by all the ups and downs of daily living. In
our lifetime each of us has been a lot of places, seen a lot of things, had many
experiences, and made countless decisions, some good, some bad.  

rough spots how do we handle them? Some people bravely face adverse
situations head-on, but too many others pull a Scarlett O'Hara act and tell
themselves, "I'll think about that tomorrow." And then tomorrow never comes
because the issues, whatever they might be, get stuffed -- into a big emotional
bag that weighs us down. It's easy to think that if we just ignore all these
troubling things long enough, perhaps they will just go away without any action
on our part.

But what happens when one day the bag we've been stuffing things in becomes
too heavy or unwieldy to carry anymore? When that happens we are faced with
two choices:

  • Keep stuffing things in the bag until it becomes so heavy it crushes us
  • Throw the bag down and start sorting through all the unprocessed
    emotional issues that have been concealed within it.

The latter may seem overwhelming, but there are tools that can make the
process easier.
What if you could:
  •  Be free from the lasting effects of painful experiences?
  •  Transform sabotaging beliefs into positive, reinforcing ones that can change your life?
  •  Overcome a history of trauma or abuse?
  •  Be free from anxiety, fear, shame and guilt?
  •  Find joy in life again?

What if you could re-write the past?
You can!  While nothing can ever change past events, what can be changed is your reaction
to them. The following powerful tools can help you achieve that:

                                 Emotional Freedom Techniques  (EFT)
                                          The Emotion Code

You can get started today!  It only takes a phone call.  970 218-8643  Or, email me at
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